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SA Crafters Update: Diamond Survival
3 minute read

We are excited to bring you another update from SA Crafters. This will be a larger update as many things have been happening.

Diamond Survival

We have been hard at work on Diamond Survival, and we are extremely excited to announce that it will be launched today. The new Diamond server has been built from the ground up, with many features completely redone. Some of the changes include:

  • Fresh map: A fresh new large map for you to explore!
  • In-game Shop: We have completely redesigned the in-game shop to be slightly more challenging and to encourage more player-to-player transactions. This allows you to make even more money as many players spend money at chest shops and in player shops. Less items are sellable. We would like to hear your constructive feedback on these changes.
  • Spawn: A fresh new spawn for you to explore!
  • Ranks: Vote requirements for ranking up have been lowered, and you can now reach higher ranks faster. Vote ranks have also been completely redone and have new names.
  • Land Claiming: We have greatly improved land claiming and now use a much simpler and easier-to-use plugin.
  • Towny: We have implemented Towny for those who want to become mayors and build towns. Towns are also great places for players to set up shops as they can attract a lot of traffic.
  • Pinata Party: The vote party will start a Pinata Party, giving you a chance to win exciting rewards! The Pinata Party happens at spawn.
  • Custom Enchants: We have reverted to the previous custom enchants system that everyone prefers.
  • Gems: We have removed tokens and replaced them with Gems, a new in-game currency on SA Crafters. Gems can be used to unlock perks and obtain items.
  • Custom Tools: We have introduced limited edition variations of the Black Market tools with amazing textures! Black market tools are also better balanced.
  • Resource Pack: Some UI menus have been updated using the new SA Crafters resource pack. It is not mandatory but highly recommended. Custom items have also been added and more will be added in the future. This is still an experimental feature on SA Crafters.
  • Battle Pass: Enjoy progressing through our new Battle Pass while earning exciting rewards and limited edition custom items. The daily quests pool has been increased from 80 to 120.

We have made these changes intending to improve gameplay for everyone. If anyone does not like any of the changes or has any suggestions please reach out to us via Discord or email. These are some of the largest changes ever made on SA Crafters - we hope this makes your adventure even more exciting.

Please note that there are still a few plugins that need to be updated before we can add them back into Diamond, please be patient as we wait for these updates to be released. New features and updates will be added to the server during the upcoming weeks and months.

Network Infrastructure

We have made multiple improvements to our network infrastructure to ensure the best gaming experience possible on SA Crafters. A new offsite backup server based in the EU has been introduced to our network, with hourly and daily backups of SA Crafters being made to this server. This ensures we always have a fresh offsite backup of everything.

More Updates & News

Exciting updates and news are on the horizon! At SA Crafters, we're hard at work bringing many improvements and changes in the near future. Stay tuned for more details. If you have any suggestions, questions, or issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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